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  • Amateur
  • 10% after 12 hours
  • $35.00~$1000
  • 2%
  • Instant Payment
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  • Hourly Profit:10%
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  • Enthusiast
  • 24% after 24 hours
  • $1000~$3000
  • 3%
  • Instant Payment
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  • Hourly Profit:24%
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  • Professional
  • 45% after 96 hours
  • $3000~UNLIMITED
  • 4%
  • Instant Payment
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  • Hourly Profit:45%
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About Aviva Investment LTD Company

Aviva Investment LTD is a professional team of foreign exchange trading company. Our team was established in 2015 and registered in the UK ,our main investment service is foreign exchange trading, cryptocurrency investment,oil also futures. We have a team of 31,700 people, each of expert manages investments in different fields and has a very high return on profit. We trade in different strategies in different markets. Whether it is the market goes. Experts judge the short-term, mid-line, long-term investment, and orderly exit and gain profit.The stability of Aviva Investment LTD's profit comes from the accurate grasp of the market and the diversified investment also guarantees the stability and security of the customer's profit.

How it works?

We split the profit and the user can make a profit hourly, so that users can visually see the results of our work and the generation of profits. Our experts will use years of research strategies to help you make profits in the foreign exchange market and the cryptocurrency market. You don't need any foreign exchange experience, you only need to invest from 35 dollars to participate in Aviva Investment LTD, so you will get hourly profit and Instant Payment also you can earn 10%~24%~45%~80% commission from every deposit ,you can start to test it now.

UK Company Information

Aviva Investment LTD Limited (Company Number: 12237354,Wenlock Road, London, England, N17GU, United Kingdom) is registered in accordance with the laws of England, Aviva Investment LTD Invest many project such as Bitcoin, we still invest forex,oil also futures, we will keep bringing profit to our investors , our team is still developing new project fore more members, Our goal is to help Investor continue to grow profits.

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